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Contact between the protagonists of the Japanese-Czech cooperation in the development of small loop antennas, Aki Kogure JG1UNE and Olda Burger OK2ER, lasts about five years. It was mediated by Shingo Umezawa JJ1QBB, which, on a commercial basis, as a company STEYNES Limited has been cooperating with academic institutions in the Czech Republic for many years. On Czech side of this "meeting" was represented by Petr Šilinger OK2SPS from Brno Geophysics - AGICO. Exchange of knowledge and technical information between Czech and Japanese radio amateurs was shielded by JG1UNE through a group called MLA48, which supported a simple technical exchange of information remotely by inviting czech partners on a national Ham FAIR TOKYO 2017. Czech side in the exposition MLA48 represented grandson of Olda OK2ER, Robert Ščepko, SWL OK2-36045.

Multi-year exchange of technical development results between two radio amateurs JG1UNE and OK2ER resulted in a tour of nine Japanese amateurs from the group MLA48 to the Czech Republic. They arrived in Ostrava to meet peronally both authors of the book "Magnetic Loop Antennas A Little Different Each Time", which is not only to them guide in the world of magnetic loop antennas. They visited and were welcomed in B PLUS TV a.s., founded by OK2ER and OK2MMO thirty years ago, but also University of Ostrava VŠB - TU, where Marek Dvorsky works as a teacher. In a small, Innovation potential abounding company based in Klimkovice, only a few kilometers from the campus of VŠB - TU Ostrava, developed and manufactured a few commercially successful types of KV MLA, sold well not only on the European market. We can say with admiration that spontaneous, systemically unorganized, personal collaboration of JG1UNE and OK2ER in a few years has resulted into cooperation between scientific institutions and universities on both sides.

The lines below, written by Vlasta OK3VP, show verbally what, further without long comments, capture images of several radio amateur photographers. To capture genius loci participated: Jarda OK2VLT, Franta OK2SDX, Vlasta OK3VP, Jirka OK2RZ, Olda OK2ER, Robert OK2-36045, Radim OK2-36049. A few pictures of him and his colleagues provided also JJ1QBB. We hope you will enjoy this common Japanese-Czech album.