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LOOPER SYSTEMS’s privacy policy

At LOOPER SYSTEMS we pay great attention not only to your antennas, but also to how we manage your personal information. In doing so we are guided by relevant legislation, and, more importantly, by our interest to eliminate all risks associated with processing your personal data. Our Privacy Policy summarizes all relevant information relating to personal data management.

  1. LOOPER SYSTEMS s.r.o. processes personal information of employees, customers and business partners only as absolutely necessary.
  2. In relation to employees, absolutely necessary information is information required to meet LOOPER SYSTEMS’s legal obligations as an employer. In relation to customers, absolutely necessary information is information required to conclude and honor sales contract and to deliver ordered goods to a designated address.
  3. We send marketing materials to our existing customers and to other interested parties who have given their permission to receive such materials. We keep records of the permissions we have received.
  4. At any time an individual or a company receiving our marketing materials may request that these materials no longer be sent. Once this request is made, we stop sending our marketing materials to the designated address.
  5. We value the rights of everyone whose personal information we have and we are ready at any point to provide information about the data we hold as required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Anyone requiring information regarding LOOPER SYSTEMS’s use of personal data can contact the individual responsible for overseeing the proper use of your personal data by writing to Náměstí 63, 742 83 Klimkovice, Czech Republic or by emailing to
  6. We store your personal information securely by keeping our physical, technical and ICT infrastructure up to date.
  7. Access to personal data is provided only to select LOOPER SYSTEMS employees who need it as part of the production and sales process.