MLA48 HAM meeting JA-OK in Ostrava 17. - 18.9. 2019

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On 17th and 18th September 2019, radio amateurs - loop MLA (magnetic loop antenna) fans - welcomed in Ostrava a nine-member delegation of Japanese radio amateurs from the MLA48/JH1YMC club, led by Dr. Hiroaki Kogure - JG1UNE, author of series of books about electromagnetic field analysis.

Aki - JG1UNE, providing of near field MLA computer models significantly enriched the contents of the book about magnetic loop antennas authors Burger - Dvorsky, which in its English version has become a world-renowned specialist publications of Czech authors in the field of antenna technology. For guests was for the designated 34 hours period prepared a varied yet balanced program.

After the arrival and necessary accommodation, an excursion in the area of DOV (Science and Technology Center)was arranged for the guests, followed by visit of the B PLUS TV ( company, founded by Olda OK2ER together with OK2MMO, where they produce transmission radio, but also MLA antennas and newly also therapeutic electronics related to the interaction of electromagnetic field with living matter (magnetotherapy).

The history of mining technology and the experience of going down the shaft mediated to the visitors by museum Landek. Beautiful views and traditional Czech cuisine they tried in the spa Klimkovice. Jirka Kral OK2RZ, presented and demonstrated to guests a remote controlled antenna park HHRR and for two evenings he provided it with his HAM corner for operation on the 40m band to japanese guests.

At VŠB TU, where Marek Dvorský works as a teacher at the Department of Telecommunications techniques (KTT), they showed to Japanese guests a new supercomputer Salamon. It is the 55th most powerful computer in the world, water-cooled, has 1008 computer units with a total of 76,896 computing cores and 139.5 TB of RAM. It is controlled by a special one Linux distribution. Lossy heat is used to heat the interior of the university. At VŠB it has been in operation since 2015.

After the official welcome and presentation of the VŠB TU in the FEI Library (Faculty of Electronics and Computer Science) summarized JG1UNE briefly on the prepared PPT presentation Japanese club MLA48 and documenting long-term close cooperation and interaction with Czech radio amateurs and enrichment in a narrow segment of magnetic loop antennas. He presented the construction of MLAs built and verified in Japan based on Czech know-how and own published titles from 1988, which he wrote with his wife Yoshie Kogure JE1WTR. In his presentation was shown on the Z-diagram the impedance distribution and near field distribution, calculated by the commercial S-NAP simulation program from JA5KVK. Hajime Nakajima JR1OAO then presented a personally developed unit Automatic Antenna Tuner PAT (Perfect Antenna Tuner). This is analog automatic tuning of the magnetic loop antenna and its perfect adaptation with two small servomotors. From his workshop come tunable antennas MLA430 for 70 cm band, which were inspired by the information and pictures of OK2ER from the above mentioned publication of MLA. Subsequently, guests visited the teaching lab at the department of telecommunications and broadcasting workplace of OK2KQM radioclub.

To promote this international meeting was during September 2019 launched temporary station OL48MLA, which was arranged for this purpose by Jirka OK2RZ, see (OL48MLA). Radioamateurs from Japan: JG1UNE, JG1CCL, JR1MAU, JR1OAO, JA1UHJ, JS1EYR, JJ1QBB, JR1MAU, JL1DHV had the opportunity for two evenings to use HHRR antenna farm from home QTH OK2RZ in Ostrava - Třebovice. Jirka OK2RZ operated at 7 MHz remote controlled transmitter with kilowat power and with 4-element YAGI. They were convinced personally that with this gear, unlike theirs MLA, it is possible to communicate in SSB mode worldwide in native Japanese.