Magnetic Loop Antenna - SMART, Remote Tuning, QRP max 10 W, All HF Bands.
Backpack + tripod included.


The MLA-S (RT/QRP/AB) is a magnetic loop antenna with MLA SMART architecture, which is expressed by the suffix RT: remote tuning (compare with MT - manual tuning). QRP expresses the fact that the MLA is designed for use with power up to 5 W (depending on the band maximum up to 10 W). Its added value is the fact that the new version of MLA-S (RT/QRP/AB) works AB - all bands, i.e. on all KV bands, including WARC and CB. From 3.5 MHz up to 29 MHz. There are not that many commercial types of magnetic loop antennas that work on all KV bands.

Backpack + tripod included.

Bands: 3,5-5,3-7-10-14-18-21-24-CB-28


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Technical parameters

  • Frequency range:3,5 to 28 MHz
  • Maximum usable power:10 W
  • Height:800 mm
  • Weight:1,0 kg
  • Loop Diameter:750 mm
  • Antenna tuning indicator