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Technical parameters

Frequency range
Input impedance
Max. power
tuned SWR
MLA input connector
Control panel connector
MLA dimmensions
MLA weight
Loop diameter
Ratio d/λ on 160m

This is a MLA-V magnetic loop antenna with a reduced size. Parameters are similar to MLA-V but the gain is some 15-20 per cent lower. Its advantage is a small size with a good cost/size/performance ratio. ML-R operates at 3.5, 5.3, 7, 10, 14 and 18 MHz with an input power of up to 100 W. It is tuned remotely by a DC motor on the axis of a high-voltage variable capacitor, by a CB4 M driver using an intelligent PWM.
MLA-R kit is the newest of the development series of OK2ER workshop. It is advantageous in /m, /mm operation and also other modes. As it can be completely disassembled, it can be installed in any location otherwise not accessible for an ordinary MLA-C antenna. It can be used on balconies of panel buildings , in walk-in closets, and the like.
Antennas are delivered with individually filed test protocols.

The MLA-V (V as „veranda“ or a patio) and MLA-R (R as room) are a new antennas of the series of magnetic loop antennas from the workshop of OK2ER.

MLA-V (MLA-R) are a magnetic loop antennas for five (six) short-wave ham bands, 3.5 MHz, 5.3 MHz, 7 MHz, 10 MHz and 14 MHz (18 MHz). An important point is that contrary to other competing MLAs, the MLA-V (MLA-R) can be used with 100 W RF input and needs no control cable. It is remotely tuned via the coaxial cable.

Like in other pioneer designs (Switching loop turns) to allow using a MLA-M over several short-wave ham bands, MLA-V (MLA-R) covers also several bands which works virtually against laws of physics.

MLA-V (MLA-R) is of course not an equivalent to a full-size 3 el. Yagi but without any doubt this tiny antenna (1.3 x 1.3 x 0.2 meter) can be well used during a vacation without explaining to curious onlookers that the antenna is not a worthless „strangeness and hobby“ of a Czech tourist.
With the MLA-R you will not disturb the public by hanging provisional wire antennas that actually would not function better than this new MLA-R. You can inform others that your MLA-R is a mobile laundry dryer, see the photo.

In MLA-V and MLA-R design, OK2ER applied his extensive experience learned in this special antenna field (magnetic loop antennas) over long years since 2009.

Major difference between both types is size. MLA-R is cca 20% weaker than MLA-V.


Lambda match
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